❝ I have two questions for Hamish: 1. Since your dad is quite a gifted man when it comes to music, do you have similar tendencies? Do you play an instrument? And what kind of music do you like? Bands, singers, genres? 2. You said you talked to Amelia a lot. Does she "babble" back at you now, or is she still to young for it? You seem like a lovely big brother. ❞


I love music! I play the Piano :D

I quite like a range of music, from classical to rick to alternative. And my current favourite artist is Florence + the machine!

Yes, I talk to Amy loads. And she babbles back :) It’s cool! She used to just gurgle and squeak and not listen to me but now we chat… I mean, I can’t really understand what she says but she seems to be happy to chat with me!!! -HWH

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❝ Was Amelia born through Sherlocks penis??? ❞





No, firstly, that’d be impossible and painful. And secondly, she was born through C-Section. -JW

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❝ I am so glad you guys are back! I guess it was kind of busy these last few weeks with two kids (and murder scenes, if I read that correctly). But anyway, Sherlock, John, why don't you tell us a bit about your childhoods? Does the way you were raised influence the way you raise Amelia and Hamish? ❞

We’re happy to be back! -HWH

Well I had a rather happy childhood, something John was a little surprised by due to my history of drugs and the relationship I had with my brother at the beginning of mine and his relationship.

But overall my childhood was a happy one, though some of my parents’ decisions (like trying to socialise Mycroft and I with other children!) I do find to be a little silly. Did they not see that we were not the sort of children parents wanted their children to be friends with? -SH

My childhood was…. it was alright. My parents were not as well off as Sherlock’s so both my parents worked a lot so Harry and I were often left home alone (not when we were very young, but since I was about seven and she was ten). Harry and I have never gotten along because she had a lot for responsibility to look after me when she was too young to do so and therefore she resents me. She got into alcohol at the age of fifteen so my teenagehood was filled with her being the centre of attention because she needed to be as my parents needed to focus on trying to get her better.

My parents tried their best in hard circumstances, but I don’t agree with a number of parenting decisions they made. -JW

My childhood has had an influence on the way I raise Hamish and Amelia. I find that many of the tricks my parents used, I am using. For example bribery for good behaviour. It may seem silly to some, but seriously, when you are about to go on a tube at eight o’clock in the morning (rush hour) with a four year old boy, you need to bring vital equipment to a smooth journey. You need to bring a toy that is not so small as to be dropped and lost easily, not so big that it upsets other passengers, not so loud so that it disturbs anyone else, but also something your child is interested in. And as a last resort: sweets.

I usually do not care what strangers think. Especially when it comes to my children. If my children are loud on a bus or train or tube then people should know that children are like that. But once John and I were on a bus and Hamish was 2 and bored and wailing his head off because he wanted to go home. It was only the afternoon but there was a drunk man on the bus and he took a swing for me and shouted at me to control my child. Thank God John was there, in seconds he’d caught the man’s fist and had him on the floor with his arms behind his back.

I just didn’t want something like that to happen, so I try my best to keep Hamish and Amelia occupied on public transport. -SH

My childhood has also influenced my parenting methods. I feel like I am more patient than my parents because I’ve always wanted not to be them, so from quite an early age I’ve had a lot of patience. And I am also very stern about not leaving them alone in a house. We always find a babysitter or ask Mrs Hudson to help out if Sherlock and I need to go out. I just couldn’t bear the thought of them being lonely. -JW

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❝ So, Sherlock, how's your body 6 months after the birth? Everything back to normal? Does the C-section scar bother you? And are your heats back yet? And what about your detective work? Back on cases or are you still enjoying your fatherhood? Lots of love! ❞

Thanks for asking a question so soon! It’s lovely to speak with you! -JW

It’s 7 months, just over, since I gave birth, but I’ll let your mistake pass.

Well, I was keen to try to get back in shape as soon as possible after Amelia was born. Not for reasons of vanity but because Hamish is eight and at a particular age where he is very active, he’s currently adoring playing Rugby. And I want to be able to run around with him and be active with him. Last week we went to an indoor rock climbing place together, that was great! I’m really glad I get to do that kind of stuff with him again.

So anyway, my body is nearly back to it’s normal state!


My C-section scar did bother me for the first few months. However John made me feel better about it, he says it’s beautiful because it’s part of me and it’s also part of Amelia’s journey in life. 

My heats are back, yes.


I had one a month ago, as they usually start between 6 and 8 months of having a baby. Though this time John and I used protection as we’re quite happy with our little litter so far.

I am back on my detective work. After my heat I felt like I had had enough time out from work and I wished to return. I had been doing some cold cases before but never proper field work.

Though I am still enjoying fatherhood I am also doing some cases, though not as many as before as I am still preferring to be with Amelia as she’s so little and dependant on me. -SH

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Sorry for our absence, it has been busy-busy-busy!!!

But we are back and raring to answer some questions!

Ask us anything! love-life, family-life, work-life, we’re an open book! -JW

Well, that’s a lie. -SH

No, it isn’t! -JW

Yes it is, it took me months to find out your middle name! You’re not going to “spill the beans”, as it were, about your life to strangers on the internet! -SH

… -JW

Please ask us questions! -HWH

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❝ Sherlock was pregnant... May I ask how that even works??????!!! ❞



You could say it was a type of magic, hey, Sherlock? -JW



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❝ Hello all! Does Amelia take after anybody? Have you noticed that yet? And to Hamish,: what are you thinking about the new Doctor Who Christmas Special? ❞

Well she is seven months old now so she’s sitting up and being a lot more active and such than before. She’s really taking things in and when I sit and chat with her it’s like she’s really listening. And Hamish adores playing with her, there are so many toys in this house, I’ve almost lost count of how many times I’ve stepped on something and heard it go Ding or Beep or they’ve all heard me shout “OOOOWWWW!”


But to answer your first and second question, she’s already showing a lot of Sherlockian habits. Unlike Hamish she is a fussy eater. And though she’s not on solid food yet, she is fussy about when Sherlock feeds her. It’s not about our convenience, of course, it’s just “no, daddy, I’m not hungry right now, come back in fifteen minutes, you know, when you’re meant to be at a murder scene saving London.”

But anyway, she is adorable still, and will probably always be… though with both Amy and Hamish I am worried about the teenage years. I saw in the middle of the street just yesterday a teenage boy shouting at his dad about wanting a new mobile or something when he was holding an iPhone colour or whatever it is.

But still, I suppose I am also looking forward to teenage years a bit as I look forward to every stage of my children’s growth! -JW

Amelia is also taking after John, she is incredibly caring. A few days ago Hamish stepped on a piece of lego and obviously was in a lot of pain. She crawled over to where I was cuddling him and trying to comfort him and she joined in on the cuddle!

She is also as stubborn as John! -SH

I’m not stubborn! You’re stubborn! -JW

No, you’re stubborn! -SH

Am not! -JW

Are! -SH

Aren’t! -JW

…Would it help if I said you’re gorgeous when you’re being stubborn? -SH

Just a bit… -JW

I loved the Doctor Who Christmas Special! It was amazing! Though I am sad the 11th Doctor died but I’m excited for the new one, he looks cool too! -HWH

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❝ Doctor Amelia? Or Detective Amelia? (: ❞


That’s the question, isn’t it?

Or… not.

I’m just excited to watch her grow and work out what she wants to be! -SH

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❝ Recently started following you and just wondering how old Hamish and Amelia are and how life is with two kids ? ❞

Thank you for following and we hope you enjoy our blog.


(Of course the gif isn’t what I actually would do to you if I met you, but it’s a gesture of welcome through a moving image.)


I’m 8 years old! Amelia is almost 5 months, she was born in August! -HWH

Well, life with two kids is fantastic, crazy and busy and stuff, but fantastic overall!



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The photo at the top is Hamish’s first Christmas photo! And the one on the bottom is a recent photo we took in the run-up to Amelia’s first Christmas! We’re all very excited in the Watson-Holmes household! -JW

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❝ Has Hamish been jealous, or not understanding, from all the attention Amelia needs? ❞

He has had a few tantrums, but not as many as we had anticipated. Hamish has had 8 years of our attention, and to have another person come along who is loved just as much but needs more attention due to her being completely dependent on us, well… we knew he might not take it brilliantly. He was fantastic in the run-up to the birth, very involved and curious and loving and just really excited to be a big brother. And when she was born he instantly adored her, loved his cuddles with her. And now she’s nearly 5 months old and she’s more interactive than she was he’s enjoying that, the more she becomes aware and the more he can play with her or get her attention the more fun he’s having with her. He loves playing the old peek-a-boo games and things with her. But it can be a bit difficult for him. She needs a lot of attention. Luckily we’re able to give Hamish a lot of attention too, but… well, for example one evening Hamish wanted to do painting with the both of us, but Sherlock needed to feed Amelia and then I was going to bath her and put her to bed. But Hamish wanted both of us there at the same time and that just wasn’t possible, and he threw quite the tantrum and stormed up to his room. We managed to cheer him up in the end and explained to him that it’s difficult to juggle our time but we are trying but he couldn’t just have a tantrum, he had to let us explain. Bless him, he’s very patient though. He’s just wonderful, very sharing of his time and enjoying being a big brother! -JW

He is the most amazing little boy ever. We are so lucky to have him. -SH

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❝ So Hamish.I wonder if you have any interest in traveling to another country. Or another continent. Have?I'm from Brazil. lol ❞

I like going on holiday with my dad and papa, that’s loads of fun! I’ve never been to Brazil but maybe one day I will! -HWH

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❝ What is the food you usually crave? Like comfort food when it's cold? ❞

Chocolate. It is my only weakness. -SH

Jam on toast… ohh that’s great on a cold morning! -JW

Sweets! Or pineapple, I love pineapple! 

And Amelia would, if she could talk, say “Milk!” -HWH

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❝ Hello all! Hope you all are doing well! So I was wondering, is Mrs. Hudson like a grandma to Amelia and Hamish? ❞

She is indeed, Hamish calls her Gran! She is the most wonderful gran and she’s always there for all of us. She’s just great with both of the kids, their faces light up when they see her, it’s magical! I’m really glad they have her because Sherlock’s parents are distant and so are mine. It’s fantastic they have a Gran that is there for them all the time and that can teach them all her wise lessons. -JW

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❝ How is everyone? ❞

Good-good-good, looking forward to Christmas! :D -JW

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